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Whether your teambuilding and corporate event is aimed at entertaining your clients, or rewarding your team for their commitment, dedication and excellent work, we here at Outrageous Adventures will make sure you have the time of your life, a memorable experience. And in the process we will see to it that lifelong friendships and relationships are forged. Taking part in an adventure and team building activity is an easy, effective and fun way to help your company become a more effective team and work together more productively. Whether you're a corporation, a school, or a group of friends looking for fun & adventure, Outrageous Adventures has the right activity for you!

Teambuilding, Corporate Getaways, Seminars & Conferences

We, in conjunction with Outrageous Adventures, will put together a tailor-made event for your company. Let your next corporate seminar, team build or conference be an unforgettable experience in the absolute stunning scenery in and around the lovely, arty little town of Clarens, in the beautiful mountainous Eastern Free State, close to Golden Gate.


Let us organise your next teambuilding seminar or conference according to your specific needs and selected outcomes. We will supply the innovative, unique and fun teambuilding programs, adventures and activities you need to enhance the performance and productivity of your team and organisation.

A team that plays together, is a team that works well together.

Let us organise your next conference, seminar or team-building adventure. Anything from a formal, structured teambuilding intervention to reach your specific goals and desired outcomes, to a very informal, purely recreational adventure get-away. We will blow your mind with our professional approach and attention to detail.


We here at Outrageous Adventures specialise in white water river rafting, abseiling, archery and other adventure activities, and will gladly incorporate these in your next corporate getaway. But if you need a more formal approach, we will put you in touch with the right people. We use only the very best motivational speakers, facilitators, and corporate training specialist, according to your specific needs and requirements.

Our teambuilding activities and adventures are aimed at developing personal and interpersonal skills. Through our excercises, games and adventures, perceptions are changed and individuals’ lifes enriched, and team-participation and co-hertion enhanced.


We provide your organisation and employees with a memorable learning experience that will give your employees a sense of unity, purpose and direction in the future.


Through our adventures with Outrageous Adventures we will facilitate the development of personal confidence and self esteem, successfully showing your employees how easy it is to do the “impossible”. And that will lead to growth in mutual recognition, trust, and respect amongst team members and enhance their appreciating of each other and to respect different values and view-points.

The result is more open co-operation, communication, shared responsibility and synergy. Mutual satisfaction within the team wll also promote confidence in undertaking various tasks, being more positive about their success.

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